Top 20 A’ Design Award Winners

As you may have seen in our July post announcing the 2021 edition of A’ Design Award, this competition is a unique chance to get your work seen by the best designers and by a large crowd. A’ Design Award & Competition was developed after a scientific research study based on prior analysis of other […]

4 Web Design Tips That Will Boost Customer Engagement

Technology has claimed a role in the modern business world. It has become an essential tool that businesses use. Company businesses utilize the use of technology, especially the internet. These enterprises do their communication, closing of deals, and the marketing of their products or services through the internet. Marketing a business’ product or services has […]

You’ll Get It When You See It, A Creative Advertising Campaign by One Twenty Three West

In the tourism industry, advertising looks always the same. Photos of beautiful scenery, cool lifestyle photo to make you feel like you are missing out, or cultural imagery to show the deep history of the place. There doesn’t seem to be much space for innovation. Vancouver-based design and advertising agency One Twenty Three West did […]

The Incredibly Detailed Art of Benjamin Sack

If you only can enjoy minimalist art, please move along, there is nothing to see here for you. Benjamin Sack’s art is a maze of details that will quickly get you lost. His love for details is best displayed in his amazing cities that seem like never ending. The artist’s success is undisputable. His work […]

Creating An eCommerce Site: How To Create The Best Freelance Team

Let’s agree on this one; creating and running a prosperous eCommerce site is nearly impossible without highly skilled and well-inspired people backing you up. Otherwise, besides keeping track of the products, you will have to deal with inventory, customer service, marketing, the website, day-to-day administrative tasks, and whatnot on your own. If you want to […]

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