Filip Hodas’ Pop Culture Apocalypse

Based in the beautiful city of Prague, in Czech Republic, Filip Hodas is a freelance 3D artist that goes by the pseudonym of AKA Hoodass. His work generally is a display of skill and perseverance, and his series of pop culture icons that are decaying are just another proof of the artist’s talent. For Millenials, […]

You’ll Get It When You See It, A Creative Advertising Campaign by One Twenty Three West

In the tourism industry, advertising looks always the same. Photos of beautiful scenery, cool lifestyle photo to make you feel like you are missing out, or cultural imagery to show the deep history of the place. There doesn’t seem to be much space for innovation. Vancouver-based design and advertising agency One Twenty Three West did […]

The Incredibly Detailed Art of Benjamin Sack

If you only can enjoy minimalist art, please move along, there is nothing to see here for you. Benjamin Sack’s art is a maze of details that will quickly get you lost. His love for details is best displayed in his amazing cities that seem like never ending. The artist’s success is undisputable. His work […]

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